Unlock the inner writer in each student

Plume boosts children’s writing skills while making it easy for teachers.

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Plume brings the love of writing into the classroom...

...thanks to tailor-made and playful writing activities

Foster autonomy

Make help available to students at all stages of their learning journey. They can listen to stories and instructions as many times as they need.

Motivate your students

The app is specially designed to stimulate creativity and offers the possibility to work on all types of written material.

Boost self-confidence

Students’ self-confidence is boosted along the way thanks to positive feedback in a friendly environment.

Facilitate progress

Either working autonomously, or with the teacher’s guidance, each student progresses at their own pace and improves their writing and reading skills, as well as their mastery of language.

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Free 30-day trial

Free access to all Plume features for 30 days - ideal for teachers who want to try Plume. No credit card required.

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8-week Pilot program

Experience a full roll-out of Plume for a large group of users. Includes access to all premium features and implementation materials.
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