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Building student writing skills tools

Build student
writing skills

Students develop key skills including writing, reading, and grammar. Teachers can monitor the progress of the entire class with a comprehensive view.

Develop autonomy  in learning

Develop autonomy
in learning

Plume guides students to learn on their own. Its AI tools provide personal help and feedback on writing, promoting confidence and self-reliance.

Develop writing expression

Develop writing expression

Boost confidence and guide students with instant feedback. Plume's interface makes writing fun and engaging. Collecting badges confirms progress.

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Free 30-day trial

Free access to all Plume features for 30 days - ideal for teachers who want to try Plume. No credit card required.

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8-week Pilot program

Experience a full roll-out of Plume for a large group of users. Includes access to all premium features and implementation materials.
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Free access to student literacy features for 30 days

Free Trial

Free access to all Plume features for the 2022-2023 school year - ideal for educators who want to explore Plume.
No credit card required
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Plume pilot program and writing PD

8-week Pilot Program

Enjoy complete access to Plume for 3+ teachers. Access includes all premium features, and customized Professional Development, and implementation materials.
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Fun and motivating

"I'm very happy to use Plume, the writing sessions take on another dimension, it's much more fun, the students are motivated.”

Marina Canillos

5th grade teacher

Talent revealer

"I was amazed by how much my students wrote! With all of the tools in Plume, my students were excited and confident in their writing .”

Karen Medina-Bauer

4th grade teacher

Engaged Students

“I love the student engagement in Plume!”

Donna Burrell

Elementary Teacher of the Year - Aldine ISD

Support that motivates

"The support in Plume decreases student off-task behavior while building literacy skills.”

Eric Jourgensen

Palm Beach teacher

AI assistance for the win

"My favorite thing about Plume is the AI-assisted grading! It saves me so much time.”

Michelle Kaufman

7th grade teacher

Teacher time recovered

“I love the embedded tools to streamline my effectiveness.”

Sophia Blaine

6th grade teacher
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Join the Pilot Program

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