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Frequently asked question

How can I get Plume in my school?

You need to create an account to access Plume’s features. You can choose between the free or premium plan.

How does Plume work?

At Plume, we believe cowriting stories is one of the most engaging activities for children. Our program suggests a universe based on their interests and abilities. They select a story, read the beginning, and complete the chapter's ending using our writing prompts. Our teachers revise their work with a bit of help from their AI-enabled literacy-teaching assistant, and students track their progress through badges.

What is Plume?

Plume is a platform designed to inspire young writers, 2nd to 8th grade, to express themselves creatively. With Plume, students can write at their own pace and have fun while making progress. Teachers can choose from a variety of writing activities, including writing projects, guided prompts, creative writing, practice and more. Let's get started!

On which device is Plume available?

Currently, Plume is a web application, available on every browser.

What does Plume do with my data ?

Plume does not share any data with third parties. We follow the European Standard for Privacy, the GDPR, which is the strongest privacy and security law in the world. We use your email  to keep you informed … and that's it.