Give students the ability to express themselves!

Why is that great?

Our mission is anchored in a commitment to provide every child with top-notch literacy instruction. Recognizing teachers as the foremost experts in this field, we actively collaborate with them to ensure Plume is the best it can be. We continually refine our platform, using invaluable feedback from teachers to shape improvements. Our objective is to guarantee Plume is a beneficial and effective tool for both educators and students.

73% of US middle school students lack necessary writing skills.

Today's children are the adults who will build the world of tomorrow...

Validated and distributed by the French Ministry of National Education

51k teachers using Plume

An engaged community of teachers

Plume is used in more than 56 countries

A high quality program and vetted content

A unique machine learning technology

AI-enabled for Education

Embedded AI tools meet today's classroom needs

Pedagogical Solution

Teachers and the French Ministry of Education ranked Plume as the best solution for writing.

Professional Development

Providing expert-level training for thousands of educators throughout their teaching


Researchers demonstrated that Plume helps students to write more and improve their writing skills.

About us

Hi! I'm Aude, the proud founder and CEO of Plume. Hailing from France, where we deeply value writing, I spent 12 gratifying years as an elementary school writing teacher. I observed that my students thrived with structured guidance to refine their writing skills, and that's what inspired me to create Plume with the help of my friends.

Now, Plume is backed by a passionate team of educators dedicated to empowering students to weave their own stories. We wholeheartedly believe that through reading and writing, we can cultivate empathy and share our unique narratives. We cordially invite you to join our ever-growing community of Plume educators who are zealously shaping the authors of tomorrow.
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Professional Development

If you run into any technical difficulties, or have questions for us, you can connect with our customer support team at Click on the chat icon and let us know what questions you have or what issues you are experiencing. We are here to help!

Professional Development

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Frequently asked question

How can I get Plume in my school?

You need to create an account to access Plume’s features. You can choose between the free or premium plan.

How does Plume work?

At Plume, we believe cowriting stories is one of the most engaging activities for children. Our program suggests a universe based on their interests and abilities. They select a story, read the beginning, and complete the chapter's ending using our writing prompts. Our teachers revise their work with a bit of help from their AI-enabled literacy-teaching assistant, and students track their progress through badges.

What is Plume?

Plume is a platform designed to inspire young writers, 2nd to 8th grade, to express themselves creatively. With Plume, students can write at their own pace and have fun while making progress. Teachers can choose from a variety of writing activities, including writing projects, guided prompts, creative writing, practice and more. Let's get started!

On which device is Plume available?

Currently, Plume is a web application, available on every browser.

What does Plume do with my data ?

Plume does not share any data with third parties. We follow the European Standard for Privacy, the GDPR, which is the strongest privacy and security law in the world. We use your email  to keep you informed … and that's it.