The Importance of Sentence Stems for Student Success

September 1, 2023

As educators, we strive to ensure that all students can succeed in our classrooms. However, some students, particularly English Language Learners (ELLs) or those with unique learning struggles, may need additional support to express their thoughts and ideas. One effective tool to help these students is the use of sentence stems.

What are Sentence Stems?

Sentence stems are partial sentences that provide a framework for students to use when expressing their thoughts and ideas. It is imperative to utilize programs that make use of sentence stems to meet the needs of diverse learners. They help students to organize their thoughts and provide a foundation for their responses.

Benefits for ELLs and Unique Learners

Sentence stems can be particularly beneficial for ELLs and students with unique learning struggles. These students may struggle with expressing themselves in English or organizing their thoughts effectively. Sentence stems provide a framework for these students to use, giving them a starting point for their responses. This can help to reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

Additionally, sentence stems can help these students to develop their language skills. By providing a model for how to structure sentences, students can begin to internalize these structures and apply them in their own writing and speaking. This can lead to improved fluency and accuracy in English.

Examples of Sentence Stems

Here are some examples of sentence stems that can be used in the classroom:

  • "I agree/disagree with ___ because ___"
  • "One thing I learned today is ___"
  • "I have a question about ___"
  • "I think ___ is important because ___"
  • "In my opinion, ___"
  • "I am confused about ___"
  • "This reminds me of ___ because ___"
  • "I would like to add ___"

Implementation in the Classroom

Sentence stems can be implemented in a variety of ways in the classroom. Teachers can display them on a poster or whiteboard for students to reference during discussions or assignments. They can also be included in written instructions or assignments.

It is important to model the use of sentence stems for students and provide opportunities for practice. At Plume, we’ve embedded sentence stem assistance so students can get the help precisely when and how they need it. We are striving to empower teachers with the tools they need to help ALL students succeed.

The right tools at the right time

Sentence stems are an essential tool for student success, particularly for ELLs and students with unique learning struggles. They provide a framework for students to use when expressing their thoughts and ideas, which can help to reduce anxiety and increase confidence. Additionally, sentence stems can help students to develop their language skills and improve their fluency and accuracy in English. At Plume, we’ve built sentence stems into our platform so students have access to unique and varied text in order to build their confidence and help all students to share their stories.

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