Constructive Criticism to Nourish Elementary Writers

September 1, 2023

Testimonial by Pierre, 2nd Grade Teacher & Plume Ambassador

Going with the Flow

"When starting a writing project, we often feel the urge to correct everything. However, to encourage our students, we need to be selective and only focus on the mistakes that hinder their writing progress.

With Plume, you can follow the story and request changes, correcting only what is beyond the students' current level. Don't hesitate to adapt writing sessions to fit your students. They are full of imagination and capable of helping each other, especially those who struggle with writing. Helping one another is a great way to learn."

Writing Projects

Through his unique approach, Pierre demonstrates that Plume is a versatile tool that can be adapted to any writing practice. Pierre established a writing ritual and shared a motivating and unifying writing project with his students.

With Plume, Pierre appreciates the ability to use vocabulary and sentence starters that accompany his students as they write their stories. For each chapter, the Plume bird offers three personalized writing tips to help students get started.

Today, thanks to the editable versions, Pierre can choose from all the stories in the Plume catalog to create new writing projects that make sense in his classroom. The diversity of the stories offered allows each teacher to tailor Plume to their classroom. Whatever the literary genre, you will find writing projects on Plume, and teachers benefit from a rich and diverse library.

Teacher Feedback

A few weeks ago, Pierre shared with us, "This year, my class is equipped with a set of tablets. I can finally use digital features to support my students. They love it and take advantage of any free time to work on their stories. Picture this: a student who has just finished a grammar exercise jumps up and says, 'Teacher, can I go on Plume?' What a joy for a teacher to see their students so motivated!"

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